Sunday, December 09, 2012

Otoño / Invierno 2012/13

1. What I thought I knew de Alice Eve Cohen
2. Nerve. The new nude de Genevieve Field (ed)
3. Straight up or on the rock. The story of the American cocktail de William Grimes
4. Still Sheisty de T.N. Baker
5. Your call is important to us. The truth about bullshit de Laura Penny
6. Life, love & loneliness de Crystal Lacey Winslow
7. A dollar outta fifteen cent. An urban love story of sex, money, and murda de Caroline McGill
8. Challenging the Pacific. the first woman to row the Kon-Tiki Rout de Maud Fonteneoy
9. Woman on the house. The rise of Nancy Pelosi de Vincent Bzdek

Friday, April 13, 2012

Primavera / Verano 2012

1. The harder she comes. Butch/Femme erotica de DL King (ed.)
2. Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica de Sinclair Sexsmith (ed.)
3. Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 de Kathleen Warnock (ed)
4. Best Lesbian Romance 2012 de Radclyffe (ed)
5. Londonistan de Melanie Phillips
6. The trouble with Islam today de Irshad Manji
7. I never called it rape. The Ms report on recognizing, fighting, and surviving date and acquaintance rape de Robin Warshaw
8. The hunger games de Suzanne Collins
9. Catching fire de Suzanne Collins
10. Mockingjay de Suzanne Collins
11. S/he de Minnie Bruce Pratt
12. To believe in women. What lesbians have done for America – a history de Lillian Faderman
13. Fast girls. Teenage tribes and the myth of the slut de Emily White

Friday, September 23, 2011

Otoño / Invierno 2011/12

1. Day job. a workplace reader for the restless age de Jonathan Baird
2. The books of shadows de James Reese
3. Call of the dark. Erotic lesbian tales of the supernatural de Therese Szymanski
4. The vampire Armand de Anne Rice
5. Beautiful bodies de Laura Shaine Cunningham
6. Chasing Destiny de Erick Jerome Dickey
7. You heard it through the grapevine de Stuart Walton
8. Love in a dark time and other explorations of gay lives in literature de Colm Toibin
9. Haunted de Chuck Palahniuk
10. You suck de Christopher Moore
11. Hornito. My lie life de Mike Albo
12. A writer’s reference de Diana Hacker
13. Thinking in writing. Rethorical patterns and critical response de Donald McQuade y Robert Atwan
14. Butch is a noun de S. Bear Bergman
15. The little butch book de Leslea Newman
16. Female chauvinist pigs. Women and the rise of raunch culture de Ariel Levy
17. Sisterhood interrupted. From radical women to girls gone wild de Deborah Siegel
18. The monk who sold his ferrari de Robin Sharma
19. Damage control. Women on the therapists, beauticians, and trainers who navigate their bodies de Emma Forrest (ed)
20. When all the world was falling de Barbara Hollan
21. The geography of love de Glenda Burgess
22. The fires within de Beverly Clark
23. It will come to me de Emily Fox Gordon
24. Animal magnetism de Rita Mae Brown
25. Rex de Cathleen Lewis
26. Will you take me as I am. Joni Mitchell’s Blue Period de Michelle Mercer
27. Nixon and Mao. The week that changed the world de Margaret McMillan
28. Poison de Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
29. The mistress of nothing de Kate Pullinger
30. The defiant muse. Vietnamese feminist poems from antiquity to present de Nguyen Thi Minh Ha, Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh y Lady Borton (eds.)
31. I want to be your Joey Ramone de Stephanie Kuehnert

Saturday, September 03, 2011

"De Gratis" - bajados de internet 6

1. En Defensa de las Mujeres que Defienden los Derechos: Guía para Defensoras de Derechos Humanos de VVAA, publicado por Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) con la colaboracion de FrontLine y Amnistia Internacional.
2. Nobody Remembers Us”. Failure to Protect Women’s and Girls’ Right to Health and Security in Post-Earthquake Haiti de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
3. Dead Men Walking. Convict Porters on the Front Lines in Eastern Burma de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
4. Perpetual Minors. Human Rights Abuses Stemming from Male Guardianship and Sex Segregation in Saudi Arabia de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
5. “He Loves You, He Beats You”. Family Violence in Turkey and Access to Protection de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
6. “We Can Torture, Kill, or Keep You for Years”. Enforced Disappearances by Pakistan Security Forces in Balochistan de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
7. “You Don’t Know Who to Blame”. War Crimes in Somalia de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
8. Corruption on Trial? The Record of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
9. Ripe with Abuse. Human Rights Conditions in South Africa’s Fruit and Wine Industries de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
10. “Even Dead Bodies Must Work”. Health, Hard Labor, and Abuse in Ugandan Prisons de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Primavera / Verano 2011

  1. Out of time de Shirlee McCoy
  2. Behind the badge de Susan Sleeman
  3. Lawman-in-charge de Laura Scott
  4. Protecting her own de Margaret Daley
  5. A short history of women de Kate Walbert
  6. Stuff that makes a gay heart weep de Freeman Hall
  7. King Kong Theory de Virginie Despentes
  8. Women of color and feminism de Maythee Rojas
  9. Long for this world de Sonya Chung
  10. A journal for Jordan de Dana Canedy
  11. Saved by her enemy. An Iraqi woman’s journey from the heart of wart to the hearland of America de Don Teague y Rafraf Barrak
  12. Undaunted. My struggle for freedom and survival in Burma de Zoya Phan
  13. Gloss de Jennifer Oko
  14. Be careful who you love. Inside the Michael Jackson case de Diane Dimond
  15. Columbine de Dave Cullen
  16. The Jewish Messiah de Arnon Grunberg
  17. Confessions of a falling woman and other stories de Debra Dean
  18. Finding it de Valerie Bertinelli
  19. Lambrusco de Ellen Cooney
  20. Tommy's Honor de Kevin Cook
  21. Revolution of Hope de Vicente Fox y Rob Allyn
  22. When the husband is the suspect. From Sam Sheppard to Scott Peterson – the public’s passion for spousal homicides de F. Lee Bailey and Jean Rabe
  23. The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror # 19 de Stephen Jones (ed)
  24. Eleanor vs. Ike de Robin Gerber
  25. The audacity of deceit. Barack Obama’s war on American values de Brad O’Leary
  26. Right is wrong. How the lunatic fringe hijacked America, shredded the constitution, and made us less safe (and what you need to know to end the madness) de Arianna Huffington
  27. I am Nujood, age 10 and divorced de Nujood Ali con Delphine Minoui
  28. Sex with kings. Five hundred years of adultery, power, rivalry, and revenge de Eleanor Herman
  29. The Madame Curie Complex. The Hidden History of Women in Science de Julie Des Jardins
  30. East to the Dawn. The life of Amelia Earhart de Susan Butler
  31. A God who hates de Wafa Sultan
  32. Infidel de Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  33. Slut. Growing up female with a bad reputation de Leora Tanenbaum
  34. The rage and the pride de Oriana Fallaci
  35. Sex trafficking. Inside the business of modern slavery de Siddharth Kara

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"De Gratis" - bajados de internet 5

  1. Feminist Interpretations of Niccolo Machiavelli de Maria J. Falco (ed)
  2. Marxism, Liberalism, Feminism: Leftist Legal Thoughtde Eric A. Engle
  3. The Ring and the Book de Robert Browning
  4. Hugs and Popsicles de Jeannie Pitt
  5. Porcelain de Jess C. Scott
  6. Just the Facts: The Perils of Expert Testimony and Findings of Fact in Gay Rights Litigation de Libby Adler
  7. She said abortion could cause breast cancer. A report on The Lies, Manipulations, And Privacy Violations of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New York City de VVAA, publicado por NARAL Pro-Choice New York Foundation.
  8. The Right to Survive: Sexual Violence, Women and HIV/AIDS de Francoise Nduwimana
  9. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons. Guidelines for Prevention and Response de VVAA, publicado por United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  10. Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in South Africa: A Bibliographic Review de VVAA, publicado por Center for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE)
  11. HIV and Partner Violence: Implications for HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Programs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania de VVAA, publicado por Horizons Project
  12. Decisión prohibida. Acceso de las mujeres a los anticonceptivos y al aborto en Argentina de VVAA, publicado por Human Rights Watch
  13. Invisibilización y Desprotección de las Víctimas de Violencia de Género en los Puntos de Encuentro Familiar: Desmontando el SAP de VVAA, publicado por la Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Separadas y Divorciadas
  14. III Informe Anual del Observatorio Estatal de Violencia Sobre la Mujer 2010 de VVAA, publicado por el ministerio de Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdad de España
  15. Estudio jurisprudencial sobre el impacto del SAP en los tribunales asturianos de VVAA, publicado por Abogadas para la Igualdad y el Instituto de la Mujer

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Otoño / Invierno 2010/11

  1. Celebrity detox de Rossie O'Donnell
  2. Louder than words de Jenny McCarthy
  3. Melanie de Mary Alice Dennis
  4. Afterimage de Kathleen George
  5. Making war to keep peace de Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
  6. Ice Trap de Kitty Sewell
  7. Hard Row de Margaret Maron
  8. Enter Sandman de Stephanie Williams
  9. Tender Murderers. Women Who Kill de Trina Robbins
  10. Point of no return de Susan May Warren
  11. Missing de Lynette Eason
  12. Running blind de Shirlee McCoy
  13. The McKettrick Legend de Linda Lael Miller
  14. Home to Harmony de Dawn Atkins
  15. Stranger in a small town de Kerry Connor
  16. Gun-shy bride de B.J. Daniels
  17. The best laid plans de Sarah Mayberry
  18. Trail of lies de Margaret Daley
  19. Murder at granite falls de Roxanne Rustand
  20. Point blank protector de Stephanie Newton
  21. House of secrets de Ramona Richards
  22. Ransom for a prince de Lisa Childs
  23. The secret of Cypriere Bayou de Jana DeLeon
  24. Ak-Cowboy de Joanna Wayne
  25. Navy seal security de Carol Ericson
  26. Then there were three de Jeanie London
  27. A chance in the night de Kimberly Van Meter
  28. Return to the black hills de Debra Salonen
  29. A score to settle de Kara Lennox
  30. Dad by choice de Marie Ferrarella
  31. Witness on the run de Hope White
  32. Undercover pursuit de Susan May Warren
  33. The officer’s secret de Debby Giusti
  34. Threat of exposure de Lynette Eason
  35. Sometimes she lets me. Best butch/femme erotica de Tristan Taormino (ed.)
  36. The Dom’s Dungeon de Cherise Sinclair